Get to know me…

I’m a network marketing professional living in the bayside area of Melbourne, Australia with my husband, twin boys Sam and Charlie and a big-hearted staffie Teddy.

I love building a business online, either from home or wherever I am, and running a flexible life without the standard 9 to 5 grind. And I love showing others how to do the same.  Specifically I’m an Independent Consultant and Vice President with Arbonne, an impressive 40-year-old global health and wellness brand.

Before babies I lived a civilised yet gruelling existence in the business world of financial services and marketing. After 15 years, corporate life was the only thing I knew! An online e-commerce business in the direct channel had never crossed my mind. I didn’t even understand what it was!

However, after joining one in 2012, I’ll always be grateful I put my misconceptions aside for a minute and checked it out. I managed to replace my six-figure income within two years and leave the employee world for good.

Most days I’m wrangling kids, coaching my team online, creating content, helping clients and staying on top of my health and wellness (something that always came last in my corporate career!) I also love to travel and my business affords me (and my family at times) lots of opportunity to jump on a plane and go to different, fantastic locations several times a year.

If you’re overworked juggling a career and kids, or feeling stale in what you do, or love the thought of earning extra money from home around your life, or want to channel your inner entrepreneur, then drop me a line. I’ll be happy to send you some info or set up a quick chat. Also, grab a copy of my ebook “You’re not SRSLY doing that!”