I used to think my industry was for people who couldn’t get a job

Or for those who had nothing better to do…If you think that too, I get it. I’d been under the proverbial corporate rock for 15 years and I looked down my nose at network marketing businesses, thinking they were nothing more than unglamorous pocket-money gigs that attracted interfering, pushy types who weren’t serious about a real career. Not. For. Me. I was way too important for that.

However while I was dedicating all my energy to my increasingly stressful job that kept me awake most nights, the world was moving on. Thanks to the digital age and the business model becoming more sophisticated, the industry had started evolving big time. It was no longer the domain of (what I perceived to be) the crazy party plan lady.

It seemed more and more women and men with impressive careers were building businesses in the direct channel online. And it made me wonder what in the hell was going on.

Today, lawyers, bankers and accountants are the professional backgrounds of some of my friends and business partners in social marketing. Their brains are bigger than mine. They’re naturally conservative, analytical, sceptical, and full of professional pride. In fact, one of my business partners works at a major bank analysing business deals before loaning clients serious sums of money. She knows a risk when she sees one.

I love seeing them in my industry because it speaks volumes about the integrity and the quality of the business fundamentals. The same way I love seeing makeup artists, beauty therapists, hair stylists and nutritionists build online businesses in the direct channel. Their expertise means they truly understand product quality – much more than I do – and their presence brings credibility to the products we share.

On top of the credibility factor, the breadth of great backgrounds also proves a person’s experience or previous career has nothing to do with their ability to create success. Did I mention there’s also teachers, nurses, doctors, personal trainers, admin staff, actors, dancers, retail workers, sports professionals who all run great businesses? The list goes on and on. Equal opportunity is alive and well in network marketing.

So if you’ve ever wondered about the kinds of people who build network marketing businesses – actually nearly half a million people in Australia* alone – the answer might surprise you! It definitely stopped me in my tracks and made me pay attention.

Source: Direct Selling Australia www.dsa.org.au (as at January 2020)

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