Why I didn’t ‘do’ breakfast protein shakes for a long time

I love them now but I wasn’t always a fan for several reasons. In no particular order here are my flimsy excuses…

My breakfast routine was never my strong point…

I’m an early riser. I get lots done in the mornings, but breakfast was never one of them.  I preferred to deal with everything and everyone else and run out the door on a couple of cups of coffee (so not necessarily that hungry anyway). I usually ate around mid morning and felt conked out afterwards from the energy slump thanks to the whack of food. As stupid and clichéd as it sounds, I didn’t prioritise me and what my body required.

I only felt like things involving bread or milk for breakfast

The things I did crave for breakfast (when I finally got down to me on my ‘to do’ list) were wheat and dairy – my inflammatory frenemies – which leads me to another reason.

I perceived shakes weren’t ‘real food’

Processed foods have never been my thing. I was banishing protein shakes to the same NO WAY basket until I was fortunately encouraged to understand that not all shakes are created equal. High quality shakes are whole foods based and made from pea protein (as opposed to whey-based i.e. the by-product of cheese) so it’s simple to digest and easily absorbed by your system. The right ones are also complete protein profile and free from things you don’t want like soy, allergens and preservatives.

It can be an acquired taste initially if you’re a shake virgin!

The first chocolate shake I had made me gag. I couldn’t believe people were seriously drinking it. After a week this changed especially as I experimented with what suited my tastebuds – ice, frozen berries, almond milk etc. That said, my husband loved it from day one and adds ice-cold water, flaxseed oil, turmeric powder, organic oats, frozen blueberries, a frozen banana and a scoop of fibre boost and swears it keeps him full until lunch. (Total show-off.)

So once I got past my deal breakers I started to reap the benefits….

  • For starters, more protein, which keeps me energised and full until lunchtime.
  • Keeping my metabolism levels motoring along.
  • The convenience of whizzing or shaking it up and taking it with me (if I have to). Or packing it for travel.
  • Less (addictive) bread, milk and sugar in my day. More vitamins and minerals.
  • And the absolute benefit of supplying precious muscle mass with vital protein especially as I get older.

So the gains are both immediate and long term. It’s a little shift that punches above its fighting weight in results. And if you’re a master of excuses like me then take heart. If I can do a 180 degrees shift on the breakfast nutrition front, anyone can!

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